Leaf Removal

Instead of dreading the chore of leaf removal every year or purchasing expensive equipment to make the task easier, consider hiring Lowes Landscaping to clear away the leaves for you. We can blow the leaves out of delicate and hard-to-reach areas like gardens, landscaping beds, patios, and the corners of the yard, and then we will use commercial lawn mowers to vacuum up all the leaves. Afterward, we won’t burden you with piles or bags of leaves. Instead, we will haul the leaves into our truck and dispose of them for you, leaving you with a gorgeous, green, uncovered lawn.

We recommend that you wait until the trees in your yard have shed nearly all of their leaves before scheduling leaf removal. That way, the task can be finished in one day. Once you decide on the perfect day, all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll drive by, herd up the leaves, and shepherd them off for disposal. You’ll love seeing your lawn bare and beautiful without having to lift a finger!

For more information, please request a quote or call us today at 573-885-0558. Also, don’t forget that we offer tree services as well!

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