September 2020

A Growing Investment

Your Lawn Needs Overseeding and Aeration

Every lawn benefits from aeration and overseeding. These services together will keep your lawn looking full and healthy. Aeration loosens up the soil giving it tons of tiny breathing holes. We overseed after aeration so that the seed finds its way into the soil better.
Your lawn will not thrive without these fall services.

Fall is the time to aerate and overseed your lawn. 

Aeration and overseeding is beneficial in helping your grass recover from the summer season. The best time for aeration and overseeding is during cooler weather, like Fall, because it allows the grass to heal from the more damaging weather that happens in the Summer.

Aeration and overseeding go hand-in-hand when trying to maintain your lawn after the harsh weather of the summer season.

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Leaf Removal

Instead of dreading the chore of leaf removal every year or purchasing expensive equipment to make the task easier, consider hiring Lowes Landscaping to clear away the leaves for you. We can blow the leaves out of delicate and hard-to-reach areas like gardens, landscaping beds, patios, and the corners of the yard, and then we will use commercial lawn mowers to vacuum up all the leaves. For more information, please request a quote or call us today at 573-885-0558.

Snow Removal

Are you on our list for the next snowfall? A blanket of freshly fallen snow can be a beautiful sight to behold but is, unfortunately, a huge headache. It is also highly dangerous for homeowners and travelers.
Lowes Landscaping offers comprehensive snow & management plans tailored to fit your needs so that the worry of the effects of Mother Nature’s harsh winters are alleviated before they even hit.
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